As hardwood flooring has found a resurgence in popularity over the years, wood look tile has come to fill a need for homeowners in Kalamazoo that enjoy the natural appeal of hardwood, but without the downsides of wood flooring. Learn more from the experts at Floor Coverings International Kalamazoo.

wood look tile in kalamazooDurability

Wood look tiles are made of porcelain or ceramic and have wood imagery imprinted on the surface. Wood look tiles come in a range of natural appearance colors, wood grain textures, and come in sizes up to 72″ long. With wood look tiles, you get the grain contrast and appeal of a wood floor, but without the worry of scratches, humidity, and heavy traffic ruining a big section of flooring. Wood look tiles have similar durability to other ceramic or porcelain tiles. If cracked, a single tile may be easily replaced, which is a much easier operation than re-doing a section of hardwood flooring. Porcelain tile has a durability rating (PEI) of 1 (most easily scratched) to 5 (most resilient).  For flooring applications, look for at least a 3 PEI. Quality porcelain will outlast a ceramic tile when an object is dropped on it.

How are they made?

The best wood look tiles use high-resolution printing to give each piece of tile a true-to-life wood appearance. Some wood look tiles are made with ink-jet printing, and these tiles can tend to be blurry. Be sure you get high-resolution laser printed tiles. As with other tiles, longer pieces are more difficult to cut, so for a cost-effective floor, consider using shorter tiles. The best wood look tiles will be through-body porcelain tiles, which masks chips and faults more easily than color-body porcelain. Both of these tiles will be of a high quality.

wood look tile in kalamazooUses and Maintenance

Wood look tile is best used in areas where heavy moisture may be an issue. For your home in Kalamazoo, consider using wood look tile where heated floors may be handy. Wood-look tile should be used for the main floor rooms, and in the kitchen and bathrooms. Maintenance for wood look tile is simple—just a broom and mop. However, be careful not to use acidic or abrasive cleaners (they can damage grout).

Start Today!

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