white oak hardwood in KalamazooYou are proud of the warm and happy home that you have created, but you desire to change things up a bit. If you are looking to make a small, yet, affordable change, why not consider a floor renovation? The friendly professionals of Floor Coverings International Kalamazoo are experts at helping people find fun floorings without breaking the bank. A favored flooring selection with the community of Kalamazoo is the beautiful white oak hardwood.

About White Oak

White oak is a feasible flooring choice that is domestic to us in Kalamazoo, meaning our buyers can easily obtain this hardwood and at an incredibly affordable price. This sturdy lumber is perfect for doors, cabinets, caskets, as well as your hardwood floor. Although the grade of white oak that you choose will ultimately influence the price tag, this means that there is definitely a selection of white oak that will agree with your wallet.


The Janka Hardness Scale reports that white oak hardwood has a boasting rate of 1360. What sets it apart from other flooring alternatives is its strength, its ability to resist dents that could appear from simple modern day accidents. White oak has a closed grain, making it is more resistant to moisture, and is often found in spaces where flooring may be exposed to water, such as a front door jamb.

Design & Uses

This hardwood is available in consumers in a variety of hues that range from a light to a deep brown. White oak typically has a straight grain pattern with a medium to a coarse texture. It absorbs any color of stain in a way that allows for the curvature of each grain to be beautifully displayed. The organic, refreshing scent of oak wood is welcoming to any family member or guest.


This hardwood promises a low maintenance clean up that the folks in the Kalamazoo appreciate. Simple actions toward cleanliness will aid in preventing indefinite flaws from befalling your white oak floor. React immediately when spills and messes arise, implement easy cleaning efforts to defend your, and for additional safety measures  or peace of mind you can routinely apply a sealant.

Start Today!

A simple, contemporary update to your flooring will rejuvenate any home or working space! For inquiries regarding white oak hardwood or other budget friendly flooring selections that we have to offer, call the experts of Floor Coverings International Kalamazoo today! Feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation. We are proud to serve the greater Kalamazoo, Portage, Comstock, and Richland area.

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Photo credits: Jodie Johnson