For a great looking, long lasting hardwood floor for your home in Kalamazoo, take a look at red oak. Much like white oak, it is one of the most popular hardwood flooring options on the market. Learn more from the experts at Floor Coverings International Kalamazoo.

About Red Oak

An extremely robust domestic hardwood, red oak is easy to get in the US. It’s grown throughout the eastern and southern parts of the United States. Red oak is named8 for the color of the trees’ leaves, whereas the wood itself has a pink hue – which is actually lighter than white oak. Red oak has a distinctive straight grain and coarse texture. The dark heartwood displays rich contrast in medullary rays compared to the light brown sapwood when stains or oils are applied.

Designs and Usesred oak hardwood in kalamazoo

Red oak is primarily used for furniture and flooring, where its durability and strength stand out. Unlike white oak, which is used to build boats and wine barrels, red oak is more porous and is not used for these applications. Red oak is used to make very strong machined or raw board materials. It is a very stable wood when dry, which makes it ideal for applications like flooring where precision is key.


With red oak hardwood flooring, the key to a healthy floor is regularly sweeping the floor and keeping it dry. Although red oak is a very strong material, it should still be treated with care. Dirt, rocks, and grit can gather and wear down your beautiful floor over time.  Your red oak flooring will look best when treated to general microfiber towel dusting and even vacuuming on occasion. For best results, mop your floor with a gentle detergent. Red oak should be given special care in higher traffic regions that may be susceptible to spills or moisture.


Red oak is a remarkably tough hardwood material — rating at 1290. This places red oak near the top of the Janka hardness scale for domestic hardwoods. Red oak is prized for its hardness and has a high strength to weight ratio. It is a very heavy wood and has medium flex strength but excellent impact resistance. Because it is so hard and heavy, red oak will last a very long time in your Kalamazoo home. If you take care to prevent moisture damage, your red oak floor will last for generations.

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