hickory hardwood in kalamazooThe knowledgeable experts of Floor Coverings International Kalamazoo take pride in helping the homeowners of Kalamazoo, Portage, Comstock, and Richland find the flooring of their dreams. With our knowledge and expertise, we efficiently find flooring for our customers that is both easy on the eyes and kind to the wallet. It is our speciality to help others succeed in their search for the perfect flooring. If you are more inclined to hardwood flooring alternatives, we would like to make a helpful suggestion: hickory hardwood.

About Hickory

This domestic lumber can be found in various places across our nation, making it easy to obtain and at affordable prices. From tool handles to lacrosse sticks, hickory is a material has been manipulated for occasions that require true durability and great strength. Boasting at a rate of 1820 on the Janka Hardness Scale, hickory hardwood is capable of resisting our modern day wear and tare. With its natural strength, reliability, and beauty, hickory hardwood is a suitable flooring for almost any style of living or area of working.

Style and Uses in the Home

Hickory hardwood, accepted as one of the most industrious flooring alternatives on the market, has the ability to sustain abuses of busy traffic areas while displaying natural beauty with its irrefutable warmth and distinct character. It has a stunning, unique grain pattern, setting it apart from other flooring choices. Every floor illustrates a variety of rich hues from a bright tan to a deep brown. Hickory is most popular in a wider plank that will display its complex graining. This hardwood has the versatility to compliment any space with varying tastes.


For those who desire a low-maintenance flooring option, hickory hardwood is an excellent selection for your home. Simple cleaning rituals will ensure a long and fruitful life for your beautiful floor. While no hardwood alternative is completely water resistant, hickory hardwood is naturally more resistant to water. Additional measure can be taken to ensure the protection of your floor, such as routinely applying a sealant. By taking immediate action when spills or messes occur, permanent blemishes can be avoided.

Start Today!

Are you convinced that hickory hardwood is the perfect flooring for your home or facility? Do not hesitate to contact the friendly experts at Floor Coverings International Kalamazoo today for a complimentary consultation! For additional questions and considerations, call us so that we can help you find the flooring of your dreams. Our helpful staff is always happy to help the community of Kalamazoo. We look forward to hearing from you.

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