Looking for a new, fun flooring material? Birch hardwood is an excellent option for your home in Kalamazoo. It’s a domestic hardwood, and because it isn’t as commonly used as maple, it can be both cheaper and easier to come by. Birch hardwoods are typically comprised of lightly shaded sapwood and dark brown or red heartwood. Both in hardness and appearance, people compare birch to maple. However, birch is typically lower contrast and higher in grain variation.

How Durable is Birch Hardwood?

Birch hardwood for the home comes in 3 different varieties of hardness on the Janka Scale—paper birch (910), sweet birch (1460), and yellow birch (1260). Red birch is another commonly used term, which refers to the dark heartwood of sweet birch. Since birch rates on the higher end of the Janka hardness scale, it is particularly durable in the home. Birch is as susceptible to bug and water damage, so regular care should prevent conditions that may harm your flooring. As with other hardwood flooring types, be careful using birch in areas of the home where moisture is prevalent, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Birch can be used in all other areas of the house, although mats or rugs should be used in busy areas. The upside to birch hardwood is that its tight grain pattern hides scuffs, scratches, and wear.

birch hardwood in kalamazooHow is Birch Used and Maintained?

Besides its use as a flooring material, birch is used to make trim and plywood. As flooring, birch hardwood accepts stains and oils easily, which makes its light sapwood pop with yellows, reds, and tans. Because it is a hearty hardwood, birch does not require a large amount of excessive maintenance outside or resealing. If you take care to clean with microfiber cloths and sweep regularly, your floor will last a long time. Sweeping especially keeps the larger particles, like pebbles and grit from scratching and gouging your flooring. The rule of thumb with any hardwood flooring is that routine care is the key to maintaining a beautiful floor. Birch flooring will make a beautiful addition to your Kalamazoo home.

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