If you’re a Kalamazoo homeowner and are weighing options for an affordable home renovation project, consider upgrading your flooring with the help of the friendly professionals at Floor Coverings International Kalamazoo. With the professionalism and expertise of our knowledgeable staff members, you can turn an outdated atmosphere into a rejuvenated space with a simple flooring update. Your Kalamazoo home will be feeling new with the addition of the classic ash hardwood flooring.

About Ash Hardwoodash hardwood in kalamazoo

This hardwood is an excellent example of brawn and beauty. Ash is a popular building medium for ladders and sports gear because of its unmatched stability and durability, making it equally favored on the flooring market. Homeowners admire ash for its stunning swirling grain pattern which functions as a hardwood superpower, veiling any blemishes that may occur over time. Your Kalamazoo living or working space will greatly benefit from this extraordinary hardwood floor.

Uses in the Home

Ash is a popular hardwood alternative on the flooring market because of its flexibility in the home. It stands out from the crowd in more ways that one, making it an excellent selection for any Kalamazoo environment. Ash is a domestic lumber that features vivid tones of gold and brown with a unique, porous grain pattern that can deeply absorb and elegantly display rich stains. Its elasticity provides great shock resistance, and has the sturdiness to hold up under heavy furniture pieces while naturally hiding unwanted blemishes with its authentic thick grain.

Cleaning & Maintenanceash hardwood in kalamazoo

Maintaining mindfulness and cleanliness will ensure the success of your ash hardwood. React immediately and effectively when accidents occur to avoid permanent damage like warping, molding, and scratching. Simple tidying routines will help extend the quality of your floor’s life. Ash hardwood needs minimal maintenance and does not require additional safety measures—like the routine application of a sealant—for it to have a successful life in your Kalamazoo home.

Start Today!

The experts at Floor Coverings International Kalamazoo are here to help you incorporate ash hardwood into your next home project. Call us today to schedule a free in-home consultation and visit from our mobile showroom. We proudly offer a wide range of hardwood flooring options to the greater Kalamazoo, Portage, Comstock, and Richland area.

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