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When picking out a new carpet, most Kalamazoo homeowners know that they should consider factors like fiber type, carpet texture, and carpet color. In fact, every aspect of how your carpet is constructed can have an effect on its longevity and appearance, and one factor that’s often undervalued is whether a carpet has a cut or loop pile. To shed some light on the distinctions between cut and loop pile carpets, Floor Coverings International Kalamazoo is bringing you the lowdown on loop pile carpets. Read on to learn more!

What is Loop Pile Carpet?

Although loop pile is a carpet style unto itself, all carpets actually start out as loop piles. During the carpet manufacturing process, the carpet yarn is stitched into a backing fabric, creating tiny loops. When a loop pile carpet is constructed, those loops are simply left intact, rather than cut and separated as they would be to produce a cut pile carpet.

Because loop pile is a broad category, knowing that a carpet has a loop pile construction doesn’t necessarily tell you much about its texture or appearance. For instance, Berber carpet is an iconic loop pile carpet style that’s as stylish as it is durable. Loop pile carpets can also have a plush texture, though this is less common as long fiber loops can pose a tripping hazard for pets and children.

Loop Pile Carpets in Kalamazoo Homes

As loop pile carpets usually have a fairly low pile, they are often characterized by their pebbled surface and outstanding durability. These carpets are prized for their immutable appearance, since they tend not to show footprints or vacuum tracks, and are also exceptionally stain-resistant. In other words, loop pile carpeting is perfect for high-traffic areas like hallways and living rooms in busy Kalamazoo homes.

Carpet Maintenance

Loop pile carpeting tends to be quite durable, especially compared to cut pile carpeting. A regular vacuuming routine is all that’s required to keep this sturdy material looking good. You can rest easy knowing that you have little to worry about with your loop pile carpeting.

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