Your Kalamazoo home could use an upgrade and the experts at Floor Coverings International Kalamazoo know exactly what you need. If you ever considered a simple flooring renovation to rejuvenate your space, consider the undeniable beauty and unmatchable brawn that is berber carpet. The experts at Floor Coverings International Kalamazoo recommend this carpeting option for its ability to withstand our modern day abuses with true grace and classic style, featuring a charm and versatility that sets it apart in the flooring market.

About Berber Carpetberber carpet in kalamazoo

The name was born from a style of weave invented by the Berber tribes of North Africa which displays the brilliant colors that are sprinkled with bits of grays and browns. Today, we define berber carpeting by its unique looped weave, as opposed to its rigid color scheme of yesteryear. Our rendition of berber carpeting features bold, solid colors in addition to the looped weave, making this a carpeting alternative that suits any distinct style and taste of decor that is perfect for your Kalamazoo working atmosphere.

Uses & Benefits

Berber sets itself apart from other carpeting alternatives on the market with its reputation for strength, being cut from a medium more cost-effective than nylon and wool: olefin fiber. It is built with a looped weave, rather than being superficially trimmed like its competitors, making this carpeting less expensive than other alternatives. Berber was once only considered appropriate for basements and offices, but it is now widely accepted in many working and living environments, including hallways and staircases. If this carpet is professionally and carefully installed, it will seamlessly transition from room to room without detection.

berber carpet in kalamazoo

Cleaning & Maintenance

This carpet was made for the ones who seek a minimum maintenance clean up. Berber’s build effectively repels accidents from seeping into the threads and permanently damaging the carpet. Messes tend to sit on the surface of the fibers, which permits a respectable amount of time to take action and appropriately approach the spill. As long as simple cleaning rituals are implemented and executed, your berber carpet is certain to live a long and fruitful life in your Kalamazoo place.

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