Homeowners in Kalamazoo want their master bedrooms to be a place to escape. Carpeting has been the classic choice for this space for a long time. Softness, warmth, and inviting colors are all essential elements for carpets in a master bedroom. The professionals at Floor Coverings International Kalamazoo have determined the best carpets for your bedroom based on their durability, comfort, and overall style.

Plushplush master bedroom carpet in Kalamazoo

In terms of softness and overall warmth, you can’t beat plush carpeting. Plush consists densely compacted long cut fibers, giving it an extra level of cushion and bounce. This carpet typically comes in a wide range of solid colors that can usually match any décor.

Frieze carpet in KalamazooFrieze

Frieze carpet is made from high pile looped threads that give it a crimped and textured appearance. Its neutral coloration and softness make it a quite popular choice for both modern and traditional homes. The tones of frieze include ivory, grey, and light brown as well as blended colors.

Berberberber carpet in Kalamazoo

Berber carpet has origins in North Africa, where the Berber peoples would weave dense looped carpets that lasted forever. Modern iterations of Berber carpet are made from a wide range of fibers that include nylon, olefin, and wool. Although Berber carpet isn’t as soft as frieze or plush, what it lacks in cushion it makes up for in durability. It’s smart if you’re looking for a low-maintenance carpet that resists stains better than many on the market today. With many different neutral styles to choose from, Berber is a smart and cost-effective master bedroom carpeting choice.

area rugs in KalamazooArea Rugs

If you aren’t looking for a big makeover to your master bedroom but want to add carpet, then consider investing in a quality area rug. Some homeowners here in Kalamazoo prefer the look of whole home hardwood or vinyl, but recognize that area rugs can increase the stylishness and warmth in your bedroom. When it comes to area rugs, we often tell customers to go big and bold or go home!

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