berber carpet pet friendly flooring kalamazoo

The quest to create a pet friendly home is exciting, but the unlimited amount of flooring options on the market can feel overwhelming. The pet friendly flooring experts of Floor Coverings International Kalamazoo would like to lend a helping hand and lessen your stress by creating a simple, effortless list of some pet friendly flooring choices to consider before making the big decision.

Luxury Vinyl Tileluxury vinyl tile pet friendly kalamazoo

Luxury vinyl tile prevents permanent damages with a tough, protective layer that effectively repels spills and prevents stains. In comparison to other floorings that bend with heavy weight and mold exposed to moisture, luxury vinyl tile remains unblemished and resilient. It is a high performance tile that removes the need for chemical cleaners that are usually required for maintenance.

Porcelain & Ceramic Tile

Both porcelain and ceramic tile are floorings alternatives that have made a name in pet circles for being resistant to moisture and repellent to spills. Porcelain has a reputation for its durability and is known to have a slightly less absorbency than its competitors. Ceramic tends to be a softer selection and is available at a significantly low price. Though these have slight differences, both are equally suitable for you and your furry friends in your Kalamazoo home.

Berber Carpetberber carpet pet friendly flooring kalamazoo

Berber carpet has a reputation for its great strength and outstanding flexibility. While it features bold colors that compliment various living styles, it is popular in pet family circles because of its simple maintenance. This carpet’s build, a looped weave cut from an olefin fiber, resists messes from adhering and causing permanent harms. Spills rest on the surface of the fibers, giving you time to effectively approach the mess.


Cork flooring is popular in the Kalamazoo community for those attempting to create a pet friendly space that also serves as flooring with unmatched strength and authentic beauty. This flooring is recognized for its sustainability, but is appreciated for its ability to minimize loud sounds, simultaneously resisting scratches and stains that inevitably occur in a pet graced place. Cork has a texture that makes barefoot walking comfy, a feature both humans and pets appreciate.

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Although there are plenty of pet friendly flooring options on the market, these are a few that the experts of Floor Coverings International Kalamazoo would highly recommend. It is our pleasure to offer a complimentary consultation, as well. To learn more about these selections, or for inquiries regarding any other pet friendly products that we offer, contact us today! We are proud to serve the people and pets in the greater Kalamazoo, Portage, Comstock, and Richland area.


Photo credits: Sanchai Kumar, Breadmaker, Africa Studio