Minimalism is a style that’s here to stay. This simple and understated look can transform your Kalamazoo home, adding space, light, modernity, and simplicity. To kickstart your journey to a minimalist home, we’ve compiled our favorite flooring option that complement minimalist decor.

Matte Tile Flooring

Matte tiling is a simple, understated twist on polished flooring. It’s uncomplicated and clean, and works well with any tile, from porcelain to natural stone. White, black, and gray are ideal choices for matte tile flooring. To further channel a minimalist vibe, match your grout to the color of your tiles. Matte tiling is an ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens because it’s less slippery than polished tile.

Gray Hardwood Flooring

Gray hardwood and wood-look flooring are modern, simple, and stylish. This neutral shade will match any decor. It complements a monochrome color scheme beautifully, while also allowing brighter colors to shine. A lighter shade of gray can make an entire room feel bigger and brighter.

gray hardwood flooring

Bamboo Flooring

Bring natural beauty into your home with bamboo flooring. This beautiful, eco-friendly hardwood alternative adds warmth and understated style. The simple grain of bamboo makes it a perfect minimalist option.

bamboo flooring

Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring is ultra-modern and can create a strong, industrial look for your home. This flooring is both practical and trendy. Concrete can be painted nearly any shade, so don’t feel limited to simple gray. Monochrome and simple is perfect for a minimalist approach, but feel free to explore other colors and patterns. Concrete can also be polished for a glossy finish.

concrete flooring

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