When picking a flooring that’s budget-friendly, you don’t have to sacrifice style. Floor Coverings International Kalamazoo is happy to connect homeowners with flooring that’s both affordable and beautiful. Below, we’ve compiled our favorite budget-friendly flooring options!

Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Planks

Luxury vinyl tiles and planks are a budget-friendly way to achieve the expensive look of hardwood and natural stone. This flooring option is durable and long-lasting. Completely waterproof, luxury vinyl is ideal for damp and humid areas. Consider this flooring for your kitchen or bathroom. 

luxury vinyl planks in kalamazoo

Laminate Flooring

Laminate tiles and planks, similar to vinyl, can be used to replicate the appearance of hardwood and stone. Laminate flooring is simple and easy to install, requiring no adhesives. Laminate planks and tiles snap together seamlessly using click and lock assembly. Unlike vinyl, laminate isn’t waterproof – avoid installing laminate in damp areas.

laminate flooring in kalamazoo

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is the perfect budget-friendly flooring. This ultra-affordable option is available at a variety of price points. Ceramic can be used to create a stylish, modern, and elegant look for any room. You have endless opportunities to get creative with colors, patterns, textures, and shapes. White ceramic is timeless and classic, while patterned tiles can be used to create a fun, stylish look for your home. Ceramic is also completely waterproof and extremely durable, which means you can go a long time without replacing it.

ceramic tile in kalamazoo

Painted Flooring

Maybe you want a fresh new look for your floors, but don’t want to go through the pains of installing entirely new flooring. If your floors are functioning well, painting them is a great way to give them a shiny new look! This is an excellent option for homes with old hardwood that’s gathered scratches, dents, and imperfections. Painting your floors a stunning new shade – such as trendy black, white, or gray – will conceal age and imperfections.

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